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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2012 2:05am-3:05am PST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. so glad you're with us today. it's thirst day thursday, january 12th, also the birthday of our cutest pet contest, which we'll get into in just a minute. >> we spent a record number of hours yesterday together. >> mm-hmm. >> from 7:30 a.m. in the makeup room until about 9:30 at night. and we're still talking. >> still friends.
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that lasts longer than some marriages do. >> yes. we had fun. what was really fun, kind of capped off at the end of the night when usually you're losing steam and stuff. >> right. >> we had a nice little dinner, didn't we? >> we did. the other day we were sitting in the dressing room, minding our own business, makeup room, matt walks in, says i need you two on wednesday night. why? i need you to go to dinner with us. we go, why? matt can't get somebody to go to dinner with him? he says because i'm having a dinner with somebody and i was told to bring some fisticuffs. >> fisticuffs. >> i'm fists. she's cuffs. we ended up having dinner with tom hanks! we did. a great little restaurant on the east side. that was jim bell, who wasn't really invited but he shows up. what are you going to say, you're not invited? we let the guy say. >> talking about tom hanks, he is so down to earth and unaffected by all his success.
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>> been interviewing him for years and years and years, and the one thing consistently with him is his humility. i forget how many oscars he's won. but he had me at hello. he looked at me and said, oh, and you brought a 19-year-old intern. >> that's right. >> my hair was big back then. anyway, we had a ball. a ball. >> very nice time. tom hanks actually helped you with your own son. how about that? >> what does this man not do for others? cody has started an internship out in los angeles, and he's very excited about it. i've been trying to reach him all week long, like how is it going? it's very important. final semester in film school, and he's looking towards his future. i'm a mother and i want to know. just cricket, crickets. >> nothing. >> around 5:00 yesterday i'm at the apartment getting ready and i texted him. i did. having dinner with tom hanks
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tonight. boom. two seconds later. are you kidding me? so if you're having trouble reaching out to your children, just lie to them. he thought it was a lie at first. i told him so. but years ago, i think i've told this story, when ron howard and tom hanks were doing "the davinci code" in paris, we were blessed to be on the set one night. >> mm-hmm. >> cody was under the tarp with ron howard with 32 playback machines, watching the escape from the louvre, from that movie. tom was hanging around. cody knew that night that's what he wanted to do. i've always been very indebted to ron howard. and, you know, it's late, it's 1:30 in the morning, like tom wants to talk to a teenaged kid. he was 14. >> changed his life. >> changed his life. so sweet to cody. you never forget the people that are kind like that. >> back to cody finally texting you back. the weird thing with a lot of
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young kids and their parents or just people in general lately, nobody talks anymore because they're texting and they're facebooking and they figure they know what's going on, i saw the picture, i don't need to hear it, blah, blah, blah. i was thinking about that movie, what is it called again, "he's just not that into you." there's a scene where the drew barrymore character is walking through the grocery store and she's upset the guy hasn't called her back. >> nothing. >> the problems everyone is having with communication. take a look. >> it's not just texting. it's e-mail, voice mail, snail nail. >> that's regular mail. >> whatever. it's not working. i had this guy leave me a voice mail at work. i called him at home. then he e-mailed me to my blackberry so i texted to his cell, and then he e-mailed me to my home account. and the whole thing just got out of control. and i miss the days where you had one phone number and one answering machine.
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and that one answering machine had one cassette tape. and that one cassette tape either had a message from guy or it didn't. and now you have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. it's exhausting. >> that's why i don't do it. >> stay away. >> i know. the irony is we're communicating more through more as she calls them portals and we're actually not connecting at all with one another. i got that text from cody, i picked up the phone, i said i've got him now. >> yeah. how about when you text someone, and you find they're so sick of all the haze and you figure they want to talk and you call them and they don't answer. you know they're there. you just texted. the phone is in their hands. >> snail mail is still important. next thursday, a week from today, hoda woman has to finally go to jury duty. >> jury duty.
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>> dragging her off to guantanamo bay. >> know what i'm saying? you don't go to rikers. >> there's a big, big announcement. >> only rikers? >> that far away. my sister blew it and she knows it. next week sitting in hoda woman's chair will be none other than my mother. [ laughter ] i can hear people going, what? my mother happens to be the funniest woman on the planet. she just doesn't know it. so a week from today, tune in. >> pop the popcorn. >> joanie epstein. and regis philbin will be with us for practically the entire show. >> the people's choice awards last night. one of our favorites won one. i don't think he was present to win. >> he didn't think he was going to win. >> jimmy fallon won favorite late-night tv show. >> we're so happy for him. >> we are so happy because no one is kinder. >> most of the laughs at our expense but we love the guy.
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>> yeah. >> i put him over the top. >> how about our sexy lover hugh jackson's favorite star? >> love him. >> katy perry won five awards last night. she wasn't there. the biggest winner of the whole night. and she was nominated for seven but got five. and this might surprise people, only because there's been so much publicity lately that the name brand has been tarnished perhaps by kim's wedding, but no. the fans spoke and they said she's still our favorite reality star. >> kim kardashian. we were telling you about the cutest pet contest. we've narrowed it down to ten. >> it is too late. >> stop sending. >> don't take it personally if you don't get it. >> we're about to reveal them. in the dog category, bentley. >> totally agree. >> you know what, and he's got the ipod speakers. >> precious. >> also look at lily. >> lily from sand spring, oklahoma.
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>> cute. in the cat category, all running together, smokey from hickory, north carolina. >> here's another dog. >> haley! from wake forest, north carolina. another dog, buster, from brooklyn. >> looks like the little dead-end kid. >> and daisy, another cat. very sweet. summerville, north carolina. >> from texas, isabella joining our group. >> oh, come on. >> and who can forget pongo? >> from indiana. and lucy lou. from washington. >> and then finally from albany, oregon, we have cortez. >> wow. they're all great. it's up to you guys now to decide so you can't take it out on us. go to you can only vote once. you have until friday. you may vote for your own pets but that's it. >> there's always a viral video that catches fire, and this one
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has caught fire. this is president obama, someone has taken clips from his speeches and put it to a song. and the song is "born this way." it's hot. let's take a look. ♪ ♪ >> a massive amount of work went into that. not sure it's legal, but someone did a heck of a job. >> here's something legal. i'm going to play a little country music. >> i'm halfway in if you say country. >> it's a little blake shelton. >> it's an actual song. so you know, all of you have a little hillbilly bone in you. >> oh, yeah. ♪
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this is when you've got your cowboy boots on in a honky-tonk bar in the south somewhere and kicking it up. >> when's the last time you did that? >> i do it in my apartment all the time. here it goes. ♪ i got a friend in new york city never heard of ♪ ♪ conway twitty don't know nothing about grits and greens ♪ ♪ never been south of queens came down here on a business trip honky-tonking and that was it ♪ ♪ took to it like a pig to mud we all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside ♪ ♪ no matter where you're from you just can't hide ♪ yee-haw! >> thank you, blake. that leads us to, okay, is it okay or not to change a pop
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hit's lyrics? i said -- >> you said if you're the lyricist and you own it -- >> no. if you're the lyricist, you own it. >> that's what i meant. you can change it as many times as you like but no one else has the right to change an artist's words. >> copyright. >> here's what i said. >> sure. i always thought "our lips are sealed" was "honest i see you." it's not. >> it's our lips are sealed. >> hoda woman. we can't go because we have to talk about "sister act," which we saw yesterday, for the second time. you guys, there she is after the show. she is amazing in this. the show holds up like crazy. even if you're catholic, please don't be afraid that the show makes fun of catholicism. it doesn't. it embraces it. the actress who plays the lead,
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forgive me for not remembering at this moment. it was great. >> awesome. the songs stick in your head. you'll be singing them. >> it's so much fun. >> all right. coming up next, actor josh lucas, very sexy. remember "sweet home alabama"? he's back. and miranda cosgrove. >> she just got engaged but not to miranda so don't get confused.
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hollywood heartthrob josh lucas got his big break in the 2002 box office hit "sweet home alabama," also starring the adorable reese witherspoon. now he stars in his first major tv series playing a lawyer in the new nbc drama "the firm." >> the show picks up where tom cruise left off in the 1983 movie. and now mitch and his family try to start over in washington but unfortunately mitch can't seem to escape his past.
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>> i'm not sure but i think they're trying to kill me. >> mitch, what are you talking about? >> i don't know who they were but -- >> hold on. he's here. he's saying they tried to kill him. we agreed he wouldn't get hurt. >> find out where he is. now! >> hey, buddy, where are you? >> he doesn't know! he's here with us now. that's where he is. how are you? >> happy to be here. i have a great story for you, hoda. about two years ago i had missed jury duty so many times -- >> what happened? >> that i went to the courthouse because i was going to go do this movie "a lincoln lawyer" and i said can i do my jury duty now? they said absolutely not. you'll do it when we tell you. you don't do it, we arrest you. literally a week after i finished "the lincoln lawyer" i showed up for jury duty and got
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chosen. i go down. be prepared to be chosen for this reason -- i go down and immediately the defendants recognize me. i went to the judge and said obviously this is, you know, a good reason to not be on the jury. they said, no, because there's so many people now during jury duty in new york city who are recognizable or known to some extent that we can't dismiss people for that reason. i was on a jury and it was the most fascinating experience of my whole life. >> was it? >> i did the tv show because of that. >> you're kidding. >> absolutely. >> wow. because tom said to us last night he would love -- >> no he didn't. he's never been called and as an actor he would find that experience fascinating. >> it's remarkable. it is truly the ultimate in human drama, it really is, life or death. it's more interesting than any television or film i've ever seen. >> other than "the firm." >> the point of the show is to try to live up to sort of the john grisham elements but also
2:24 am
throw in moments of a legal case where you see that level of drama. >> were you a fan of the movie or book during the day? >> absolutely. >> you have hundred-hour weeks now. >> never ends. >> one hour a day would be pretty much it. >> is your character similar to the tom cruise character we remember from the movie or different? >> it's ten years later, so the family has been through a lot, probably through one of the worst things human beings can go through, trying to survive with the idea a that at any given moment something terrible is going to happen. they're moving around for ten years. the show takes place when they decide on their own, against the fbi's wishes, to come out of witness protection. >> try to have a life. >> lead a normal life. >> is it the kind of show where you miss the first one and catch the second one yo you know what's sort of happening? >> it's very much a show they've written it -- it's nbc. they need it to stand on its own. they need each episode to be individual. so i think that's part of the
2:25 am
kind of interesting challenge is each episode has -- if you watch it, you're rewarded but if not, hopefully it stands on its own. >> you have another challenge in your life. many. but finding time to get married. just got engaged and with hundred-hour weeks i don't see it in the near future. tomorrow is not looking good. >> we actually postponed our wedding date because of the show because we were at a certain point, like, when do we have time to -- >> she's beautiful. >> that was downstairs i just met her. yeah. she will remain nameless. >> we don't want to give that away. just her photo. >> do not say the name. >> i know it and i'm not saying it. nice to see you. >> thank you very much. very happy to be here. enjoy jury duty. it is an amazing experience. >> don't take too long. don't leave me with my mother for too long. >> coming up, the new episode of "the firm" at 10:00, 9:00 central tonight on nbc. >> up next, why michelle obama is hanging with miranda cosgrove.
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if you have kids of pretty much any age, we don't have to explain who miranda cosgrove is. >> but if you've never seen "i carly" she's a personal, lovely young lady. she stars in her open web show with her two best friends. >> in the next episode, first lady michelle obama makes a special appearance. >> are we in trouble? >> no, not at all. >> she watched "i carly" online last week. >> seriously? >> my daughters are big fans and i am, too. >> what are you doing here? your excellency. >> you don't call her your excellency. >> no. no. i kind of like it. >> she's a good sport, huh? hi, miranda. great to see you. >> great to see you guys, too. >> how did that come about? >> she watches "i carly" with her daughters and my dad is in the military. he gave us the idea for the
2:31 am
show. >> we love reed alexander. give him our love. >> what was it like when the first lady was on the set? how did you guys feel and how was it? >> it's crazy because there's secret service everywhere. they come about two weeks before. there's just so much preparation. a lot of people, too, like secret service. she was just really nice. she came to the set and she was so easy to talk to and just, like, she loves fashion and dancing. i met them before, but she said they helped her with her dances. >> how did the dancing come about on the show? >> we do random dancing on "i carly." >> nothing choreographed. >> no. just for fun. random. >> how would you rate her as an actress? >> really good. >> seems natural. >> she's funny in real life. i they's why. >> you've been doing the show for several years. how is everything going?
2:32 am
>> amazing how it keeps building. >> thanks. i started when i was 13 and now i'm 18, so i've been doing it for a long time. i have a great time. it's really fun. >> you don't feel trapped by -- like some young stars do. they can't wait to get out of their contract and pose for "playboy." you're not feeling that urge right now. >> no, not really. >> a lot of young actresses struggle with going through maturity in front of everybody. >> right. >> what are your biggest challenges, do you think, going through that? >> well, for me, i feel lucky because i'm from l.a. and my parents travel with me and they're really supportive. i feel like anytime i have to make a big decision, i know i can go to them. they're there for me. that helps a lot. yeah, really, it's just -- i have a great time getting to act and i've had a really good experience with it. >> sure. imagine that, a well-adjusted teen megastar who actually likes her parents. >> okay. >> this is unusual. never happens. >> we have to have you back again. >> what's next for you, honey?
2:33 am
are you going to do a film on hiatus, anything like that? >> i actually have an album coming out this month. i'll go on tour and singing and all that. i just got a car. i'm excited. >> that's huge news! >> we're happy for you. >> what did you get? >> a white car. >> great to see you. we'll be right back.
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back on this thirst day thursday, learning how to eat smart today. if you want to be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound -- >> or if you want to just increase your energy and help fight cancer, we're glad you're here. >> hey. >> you look great for the new year. >> thanks. >> often we do these segments on superfoods it's avocado, salmon, et cetera. this is different today. why?
2:37 am
>> superfoods, it's not a set term. we traditionally think of them as foods that are packed with nutrition that have health benefits. but these are more off the beaten path but popping up in regular grocery stores. >> what are we starting with? >> hikima. >> pick that up. up to five pounds. it is a root vegetable and it's loaded with what helps promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. promotes good digestion. >> in other words -- >> one cup of that, got some cayenne pepper on it, but one cup is about half your day's worth of vitamin c. it boosts the immune system. >> has a flavor. >> it takes on whatever you season with it, seasoning, cayenne pepper. cinnamon. >> i like better after two
2:38 am
bites. >> now we have kefir. it's similar to yogurt but it's fermented with a grain. >> fermented? >> fermented with what we call kefir grain, a combination of yeast and bacteria. >> ew. >> no. the combination is really powerful. it may even help prevent colon cancer and also help boost your immune system. of course it has calcium and protein. >> does it taste like yogurt? >> it's similar. try this one right here. pick one. blueberry flavor. there's lots to try. >> it's tart. it's good. >> you can make salad dressings with it, smoothie. if you tried flaxseeds in 2011. >> who didn't? >> 2012, try the chia seeds, yes, the same as the chia pet you may have had. they are filled with omega 3, protein, and they have the same
2:39 am
amount of fiber as one cup of oatmeal. >> will your hair grow out the same way as a chia pet? hoda, don't do it! what does it taste like? >> it has a mild taste. so you can add it to anything -- salads, oatmeal. they absorb water so they're great for soups as well. >> crunchy. >> a little crunch. loads of calcium there. we're adding crunch for texture. this is one of my favorite ways to boost the nutritional power of your salads or sandwich. these are broccoli sprouts. one ounce is like eating three pounds of mature broccoli. there's 50 times the amount of anti-cancer properties. do you like the texture? they add the texture without adding some waxy -- >> i thought they would be like something else. >> next we have black garlic. >> ew.
2:40 am
>> basically garlic that has been fermented. the theme of the day, fermentation. we know garlic helps lower cholesterol and it becomes a little more sweet so you can add it to baked goods or spread it on a sandwich, add it to a salad dressing. >> here's the problem -- it looks awful. >> put it on a sandwich. that's the way to go. >> that really -- sorry, keri. >> you're going to love this next one, i promise. okay. if you've conquered getting salad greens into your diet, become a nutritional overachiever here and get your sea vegetables in. we have some kelp and nori here. sea vegetables are amazing because they're loaded with vitamins and minerals -- a, c, e, potassium, iron, very low in calories. you can add them to soup, powder, meatballs. of course they taste a little salty. go figure. >> is this what they wrap sushi in? >> it is. >> which i love.
2:41 am
>> and other the stuff with it. >> you can have plain. sprinkle it on a salad. >> a little attitude. we're trying everything. i think you need to just settle down. all right? >> i'm so excited. >> why am i eating everything? >> barley. >> you're from egypt, they dove this stuff. >> oh, my god. >> if you're eating oatmeal, throw in the barley. if you're eating brown rice, throw in the barley. it's packed with niacin, good for your skin and hair. >> with peanut butter on it, it would be awesome. >> we got to go. >> nutritional yeast has 100% of your b vitamins and one tablespoon has nine grams of protein. vegans love it because it's a great cheese alternative. you can put it on popcorn. >> is it on this? >> on there. >> end on a high note. >> this is awesome! thank you. so are you. we love you. you're a sweetheart. >> up next, getting back on
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all right. we are two weeks into the new year, and if you're just about ready to give up on your new year's resolution, you are not alone. "self" magazine says 75% of resolution makers slip up within the first two months. >> but it's not too late to make a few little tweaks to your goal to help you set up for real success. >> here with help is "self" magazine's editor in chief. she knows everything about everything. >> i'm sure that's true. but we know it takes three months to have healthy behavior become a habit. there are a lot of obstacles that pop up in three months. >> it's called life. >> yeah. we have ways to help you get back on track because everybody -- >> a lot of people don't make their resolutions public. they think i'm going to lose weight, i'm not going to tell everybody -- >> setting yourself up for disaster. >> not a good idea.
2:47 am
>> we don't like to stumble in front of your friends, but that support and that accountability helps you meet your goal, your positive living goal. that's what i like to call it. not resolution. >> i said what i was going to give up for next few weeks and i ate a little chicken that frank had breaded. she goes, that is bread. i had given up bread for two weeks. you know what, she wasn't too nice about it but she reminded me. >> that's right. >> i think some people get discouraged because they give up certain foods and they don't see results. there's point you go, why am i doing this? nothing is happening. >> we have to measure incremental change, right? you don't lose ten pounds all at once. you have to reward yourself for two pounds, the way your clothes are fitting a little better, toning up. >> don't get on the scale every day. >> exactly. >> your body, your clothes tell you. >> the other thing we know is if you set these positive goals, you're ten times more likely to make them. rather than a rigid goal, give up chocolate, i can't do that.
2:48 am
like a vague one, i want to save money, that doesn't work either. specific little goals. >> i did this for two weeks and now i'm five days away from the end of it. short goals like that are manageable. i don't say i'm going to give up forever because that's unmanageable. >> plan for success. on a rainy day, you can sleep in. but you say tomorrow, i want to go for a walk with my friends. can you get the kids to school? plan it. schedule it. >> when some slip on a resolution, one bad day -- >> they give up completely. >> i hate the word resolution. i like positive goals because a goal is reachable. resolution can be too negative. >> what if you sleep up on your diet or something? >> so if you slip up, that doesn't mean the year is blown or the month is blown. start over. >> forgive yourself. you're human. >> i say mulligan monday. you can start any time. your body doesn't know the difference between jan 1 and feb 1.
2:49 am
start over. it's okay. don't think it's game over if you mess up. this is a process. remember, three months to get to that final -- >> what is it, three months you just get in a groove? >> that's right. whatever is working for you, stay with it. sometimes you get incremental success and you give up the food log or unfreeze the credit card or go to the bar and start drinking and smoking. >> put the credit cards in the freezer. >> i believe in that. >> my two weeks are up, going to order egg plant parmesan and then go on it for two weeks. >> celebrate and go back on it. not an all-or-nothing proposition. you can talk about your tips or challenges. >> when? all day? on facebook? >> yeah. >> you still ride your bike to work? >> i do. not on rainy days, no. >> she rides her bike to work. >> i never really liked her. >> the other thing, don't rely on outside people. it's helpful but -- >> you're responsible for your own life.
2:50 am
>> i wear a little magnet bracelet to remind me to be on track. they all remind me. you can also put little notes on your mirror. >> we do it. yeah. >> we should. you should. >> i forgot everything. i didn't care. a sip of wine. thank you. >> god bless. >> happy new year. >> coming up next, guys, cool travel ideas if you're looking for a winter getaway. good morning. we have a nasty storm continuing to move through the northeast, back through the lakes, the ohio valley. not only is it the snow, but a lot of wind, as well. expecting morning rain in new york city. we won't see snow with this one. the snow will be further to the
2:51 am
west. wintry mix across new england. here's the cold air, all the way down into parts of the south. the high in atlanta 45 for your friday. 22 in chicago. it feels more like january with all that cold, arctic air in place. what you're not seeing is the wind, dropping the windchills into the teens and single digits. the snow will be confined to the western lakes on saturday. snow in chicago, although it will be light this time around. windy across the northeast, adding to more air delays. quiet for most of the west. we will see rain showers move in to seattle perhaps. light snow in the pacific northwest. cold air here, but starting to warm up just a bit. you can see the purple and pink pushed further to the north. 37 in louisville, that's your high on saturday. this has been a brutal storm with the snow, the wind and the arctic air. only 29 in new york city for the high on sunday. so still digging out of the
2:52 am
cold. quiet for denver, 56. but you get up in the pacific northwest and still watching unsettled weather. the snow moving into wyoming and montana, and most of the snow in the high country there. but look at denver's high, just 33. the gulf of mexico opens up. monday, not snow this time around, temperatures mild enough for all rain. the rain moves into the mid-atlantic. by tuesday, chicago looking at only 33. so a rough few days ahead around the lakes. remember to tune into the weather channel we can days at 6:00 a.m. tger you latest forecast with stephanie abrams and al roker. and you've hit the wall. but you got to get stuff done. so take 5-hour energy. just open it up, knock it back, and roll up your sleeves. 5-hour energy is faster and easier than coffee. man, does it work. you'll get that alert, energized feeling you need
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time for today's "travel and getaways" that will take you away from the cold. >> whether you like to ski or snow tube or sled or live in a room built of ice, the digital project editor at travel and leisure magazine.
2:55 am
let's just have your dream destination. >> a lot of nice cold-weather destinations you have for us. >> january is learn a snow sport month so we have some unexpected sports in fun places around the country. >> british columbia. >> why not. >> the 2010 winter olympics were there. the great thing about going to a vacation or trip there is you can participate in some of the more unusual sports that are featured in the olympics. for example, you can do a bobsled on the official course. you actually start lower at a gate lower. >> i hope so. >> you still go about 80 miles per hour, so it's not for the faint of heart. you can shoot a rifle that's part of the biathlon, tour a ski jump, and you can see the incredible snow-capped mountains. you say at a hotel which is about $219 a night. a funky hotel. you'll be right in the center of the pedestrian village. >> looks very modern.
2:56 am
>> they have floating fireplaces. it's great place to go and meet other skiers and share tips. >> do they have a lot of snow right now? >> they have snow in whistler. >> there's a problem with that right now, isn't there. >> our next destination has great snow coming this weekend. >> go vermont. >> they're expecting snow? good for them. >> 6 to ten inches today and tomorrow. you can stay at the track family lodge, formerly the von trapps from "the sound of music." it's an austrian-style chalet. you can stay in the incredible landscape and wilderness, cross-country ski as well as do a sleigh ride. look at that. it can be romantic. you can go with your honey for valentine's day or you can bring the kids. led by beautiful horses. >> romance goes right out of the window. yeah. >> and new mexico. >> has about 300 inches of snow per year. they're known for their more challenging alpine skiing but
2:57 am
you can do tubing, bunting with your kids. >> snow tubing. what is -- >> it's actually illuminated. you can go at night. you rent a tube. it's $8. you spend time with your kids doing fun stuff in the powdered snow. you can do the downhill skiing that you see as well. a great place to stay is the columbine inn, $99 a night in january, couldn't be more affordable. >> especially if you have, like, 20 kids, all in one room. >> and avid skiers that will have tips. utah park city. you can get there in the next coming months for $213 roundtrip. a great affordable escape. you can do some freestyle skiing in their halfpipe. i'm sure they know fun tricks. you can go snow cat skiing. if you're an expert, you can go into the ungroomed areas. >> we have 30 seconds left, but in quebec, you can live in a place that's made of ice. >> you can stay in an igloo. 23 degrees. >> how many degrees? >> 23 degrees. bring your polar fleece.
2:58 am
sleep in an igloo and brag about it to your friends for years after that. >> wow. >> my idea of a great life is eating like keri glassman's segment and staying in one of those. >> something for everybody. >> thanks. >> perfect. >> getting on our nerves. >> love you, sweetheart. take care. >> coming up next, from the cold to the kitchen, we're cooking something hot.
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time to take you into "today's kitchen" with our chef arianne duarte. and her slow cooker. >> if you don't like slaving over hot stove like hoda, "prevention" magazine's chef is here to show you how to dump all your ingredients into a pot in the morning and have dinner made when you get home. i remember when they first came out in the 1800s. and everybody thought it was magic. >> it almost is magic. we're going to talk briefly about three that we've tested at "prevention" and we feel performed the best. >> and you can make desserts. >> dessert, too. we're going to taste it. this one is called the crockpot. >> of course. >> this is very cost-effective. it's simple. there's not much to it but it's budget friendly, which is great. then we have one for space savers, a little smaller. this is great. it has self-timers on it.
3:02 am
so this is wonderful if you would have a small kitchen with not much counter space. >> they need to do a commercial -- ♪ it's delightful, it's delicious, it's delongi ♪ >> and then this is the big daddy, the mac daddy. and this is great for large quantities. this has all sorts of timers and things. when the timer does go off, it sets itself to warm. so you don't have to worry about that. >> not waiting for that thing to go off. >> i'm going to show you how to do short ribs, but we're also going to talk safety tips. really important. you want to make sure your counter is clear of clutter. >> which ours isn't. >> you don't want to use any extension cords or anything like that. >> why not? >> because you don't want to -- any of those extra wires -- >> it could go wrong. right. >> keep the countertop clean. >> nothing that could touch and get caught up in. >> exactly. let's make some short ribs. >> these are --
3:03 am
>> asian beef. that's what's wonderful about these. everything is just mix and go. we have some honey in here. we have some tamari. >> what is that? >> a little thicker soy sauce. >> see ya tamari! >> a little bit of scallion. >> save some for me. >> save some for garnish. they cook down. >> we'll eat them all day. >> garlic. ginger. this is so much flavor. and then just basically right over these ribs. >> put the top on it. >> the top. >> sayonara, baby. >> a little bit of water, cover them, seven, eight hours. >> what comes out, this? >> this is what comes out. >> no sauce on that. >> it's in there. >> on the bottom. >> you can always add more. always add more. >> we have about 30 seconds. >> so these are our -- >> look how cute these are. >> cuban pork sliders. >> you made those in there? >> yep. a pork roast. and lastly, brownies. >> what?
3:04 am
>> brownies. just mix everything. >> really? >> spray it with a little bit of cooking spray, put the batter in, two to three hours, and they are done. >> got to go. moto!is celebrating 60 years old rrow >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac --


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